Maintenance Skills Assessment Tests
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Recently, a hiring manager for a global products company contacted us about creating a test to screen potential candidates for skilled craft openings. They had already begun the hiring process and had technically interviewed 10 candidates out of a total of 30 applicants. The hiring manager quickly realized that they needed a skills test to help speed the hiring process, save time, and quickly screen candidates to ensure they had the desired skills. We assembled the topics they desired and they began to administer the test to all 30 applicants including the candidates that had already been interviewed. The hiring manager was thrilled with the results of the test. Out of the 10 candidates already technically interviewed, they had selected two candidates to extend an offer to prior to them taking the MaintTestTM. Upon the review of the MaintTestTM testing results of that group of 10, those two individuals achieved the two highest scores on the test. This provided a very strong correlation that the MaintTestTM  test was a perfect indicator of the skills needed to be successful on the job. 

We are confident you will get the same results from using this product.
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