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MaintTestTM is developed with a unique approach to creating content to test for technical skills that is different from other tests available in the marketplace. MaintTestTM questions are based on skills and competencies that a technician should know in order to properly perform their job. They do not contain unrelated, engineering knowledge, that is not really necessary for a technician to be effective. This is not to say that some of the questions do not require details or formulas, they are just selected to ensure that what is tested will be a good indicator of subject knowledge. See a Sample.
MaintTestTM is developed to test for applied knowledge of a technician. The questions are selected to indicate if a technician has really performed the related task.
MaintTestTM is developed to minimize the chances for guessing. Most multiple choice tests are composed of four answers to select from. Recognizing that there can be a high potential for guessing with multiple choice tests, MaintTestTM tests use six answers to select from for every question to eliminate guessing. In addition, we do not provide easily discardable answers to narrow the selection. This means that if the correct answer is selected, you can be sure that there is a high probability that the test taker knows the topic. 
All MaintTestTM questions are developed by maintenance professionals with years of experience in hiring skilled maintenance technicians.
Don't just take our word for it, see this list of major companies who have chosen to use MaintTestTM for their skilled testing needs.
Maintenance skills assessment is what we do and we strive to be the best in the world. Choose MaintTestTM and we are sure you will be satisfied with the results you will get by using this tool.
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