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Frequently Asked Questions (Click on the question to reveal the answer)

How do I know what is on the test? Can I see the questions before I buy?
How do I know what is on the test? Can I see the questions before I buy?
We definitely understand the desire to see the questions before making a purchase. Our Skill Topics Page lists the topics and contains the explanations of the concepts and skills that are tested for within each area. We also have a sample test available for evaluation purposes. If you would like to see a demo of the actual questions, please contact us and we can schedule an online meeting to demonstrate them. Top

What methods of payment do you accept?

We use PayPalTM for all payment transactions. PayPalTM is very reliable and secure for your protection. PayPalTM is a clearing house for online credit card transactions and is widely recognized. You can use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express to make payment. MaintTestTM never has access to any or your payment information. We do not generally accept company purchase orders but we can if that is your only available payment method. Please contact us to arrange for payment with a purchase order. Top
How quickly will my test be available?
You should receive an e mail with your test login information and test codes within 24 hours of completing your payment. Top
 MaintTestTM  tests validated?
The MaintTestTM  test is not validated but like any other test available in the market, it can be. Validation is specific to the position being tested for and therefore no test can be purchased as validated without the validation process being completed at your site. Top
Why can I only pick up to 20 topics for my test?
The reason we limit the selection to 20 is because a 20 topic test will have 200 questions which can take up to 180 minutes (3 hours) for a candidate to complete. Working through a test greater than this length is generally difficult for a candidate to accomplish and test performance can be significantly reduced. We recommend breaking the test into two testing sessions if more than 20 topics are desired. Will breaking it up cause me to purchase more test seats? Yes, breaking the test up will require the purchase of additional seats. But, this will not be more expensive because test pricing is linear (purchasing two fifteen topic tests ($22.50 x 2 = $45.00) is the same price as one thirty topic test ($45.00 x 1 = $45.00). Top
I am a test taker looking for study materials. Do you have anything I can study?
Unfortunately, no. We are a provider of tests to companies and do not produce or distribute any study materials to individuals. Top
Why is there a time limit for the test?
The time limit exists to discourage the use of outside resources to answer the questions on the test. The time limit is long enough to allow the candidate to properly answer the questions. It is also short enough such that looking up the answers would generally take too long and the test would not be able to be completed. The time limit also provides some basic security for the test. If you would like to discuss or customize this feature, please contact us. Top 
I am a former MaintTestTM  customer. What happened to the old site? How do I order test grading service?
MaintTestTM  has moved to an all online based testing system and we have redesigned our site to support that. We will still continue to support our legacy customers with test grading services and support of the original testing materials. Here is a link to the Legacy Grading PageTop 
How do I reorder seats once I have used up my current codes?
Simply go to our reorder page and enter your customer name and select the number of topics that your original test contained. Once we receive payment, we will send you the additional codes you purchased within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Top 
What hardware platforms does the test work on?
The MaintTestTM  test has been successfully used on Internet Explorer and Safari based platforms. It has also been used on Safari based tablets. We do not know of any limitations at this point in time on any platform or device. Top 
What are your recommendations on how to administer the online test?
When you receive your test codes, we will provide you with a document for administering your tests. The process is very simple. Basically, all that is needed is a computer or tablet with internet access and a browser. The test taker will log in and take the test. Depending on the level of security you desire, the test taker should be monitored to ensure they are not using web resources to try to look up the answers. The time limit helps to discourage that activity. A piece of scratch paper and a pencil is helpful. A calculator may be used. Top 
Can I give the online test code to a candidate to take the test at home?

You have that option but it is not recommended. This would weaken test security if this is done and there is no assurance as to who actually took the test. Top 
Can you add questions from my tests that we currently use to create an even more custom test?
Absolutely. We can integrate questions that may be specific to your equipment or your application. Depending on the number and complexity of this request, there may be a nominal cost involved for this. Just contact us to discuss this option. Top 
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